statement of purpose

My aim is to improve the quality of decision-making through the judicious deployment of well-architected digital technologies. I leverage 30 years in the business: Executive Information Systems. Business Intelligence. Data Warehouse. Cloud Data Architectures. Additionally I am interested in how people bring philosophical clarity and discipline to their lives from a Stoic perspective.


This is what I do every day at Full 360.

elastic data warehouse

Full 360 knows pretty much everything about AWS deployments of Vertica. We have 8 years of experience doing so. More than anyone. Years ago we successfully implemented Vertica cluster in the cloud with > 100 nodes for Zynga. At the time it was the world’s largest. We invented SneaQL to speed up development on Vertica and add functionality to what it could not do (Logic, Variables & Stored Procedures). We have also worked with Amazon Redshift and know how it works in practice. We have also built our Vertica Service for our customers on the same general principles (architecturally) as Snowflake. We have many years of DW experience in the enterprise space prior to our AWS work.


This is what I do on nights and weekends.

stoic observations

The latest installation of my essay projects, Stoic Observations continues my decades long chronicle of candid informative, curious yet skeptical, didactic yet Socratic investigations into current affairs with a philosophical twist. It’s for people who write and think in paragraphs. I welcome you to an uncommon conversation.

free black thought

Free Black Thought (FBT) combats racial essentialism and the politics of racial authenticity by promoting public awareness of the great diversity of thought among black writers and artists. FBT is non-partisan: we pursue no political agenda other than a commitment to free speech, civil rights, and a conviction that a pluralistic society committed to liberal democracy is nourished by the entire spectrum of black thinking on matters of politics, society, and culture.


These are a few of my favorite old things.


Curious, Skeptical & Analytical (2003-2020)

rights universal

Rights Universal was founded in 2016 to focus on the abuse of children, women, and LGBT people in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia.

the conservative brotherhood

Broad American Right Politics & Culture from the Old School (2003-2008)

visison circle

Progressive black cultural blogging (2001-2005)

the logos project

The Logos Project is aimed at the improvement of public discourse through the design of mediated spaces that facilitate more than just clicks. I am looking for collaborators for this long-term project.

american wag

American Wag is talk about art, politics, religion, sports, philosophy, health, books and music, by (ahem) opinionated gentlemen.


mike bowen

It’s Not About Me

I don’t care about who is right. I care about what is right. I accomplish through collaboration. So that always means I am working through change via constant quality improvement, transparency, honesty and dedication to excellence over the long term. I create productive environments because I don’t like wasting anyone’s time. So let’s get to it.